Concrete Supply and Works

Concrete Supply and Works

M&B Civil has the resources and equipment to meet the concrete placement requirements of projects of any size. Our experienced team and proven delivery approach enable us to deliver efficient concrete placement services to remote sites. Our diverse network of suppliers provides access to custom concrete mixes for specific project requirements.

M&B Civil has extensive experience in the construction, civil and mining industries and is fully equipped to offer and perform a vast range of concrete services including;

  • Detailed concrete construction including slabs, columns and walls
  • Mass foundations & Footings
  • Concrete demolition
  • Remedial coating and repairs
  • Kerbing & concrete pavements
  • Floodway’s and culvert construction
  • Mass structural grouting operations
  • Concrete Canvas
  • Testing
  • Pumping
  • Remote Batching


“Regardless of where we operate, we deliver high standards of work that gives our clients the right”

“I just wanted you to pass onto the boys  a huge thank you from me and Ops Support for your efforts”

Jim Reenie first went to Moomba for M&B Civil in 1982 for a six weeks and is still there today

“Working for M&B Civil has opened so many more opportunities for me.”

“Thanks for your help. The crew were on site very quickly with equipment and material and completed the job all in a couple of hours. This allowed us to continue our operations safely with no hold-ups.”

“The boys did a great job. Thanks for all your help.”

Ian Greening 2

Ian Greening,

HSE Manager

James Melnike

James Melnike,

Executive General Manager

Jeff Manning

Jeff Manning,

Retired CEO (May 2021)

Jeff Rennie

Jim Rennie,

Construction Manager